Exciting Updates

> Exciting Updates <<

19 March 2018 – Riverlife Retreat is now open for bookings. I have now extended my reach to Great Hadham area and have been able to secure a more permanent location in that area. 

I am also now able to take card and contactless payments.

8 August 2017 – RiverLife Retreat is coming to an end this week! It has been a success for this year. Everyone has taken advantage of the newly installed therapeutic hot tub and enjoyed all the massage therapy treatments and morning yoga sessions.  Bookings for 2018 will be open soon!! Keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages.

13 November 2016 – RiverLife Massage is going to India in February next year!! Hannah is doing her Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Rishikesh India. Hannah will be training with Akhanda Yoga and will be able to add yoga inspired stretches and routines to help with your recovery and healing following massage treatments.

20 September 2016 –  Bookings are being snapped up for mobile treatments. RiverLife Retreat now also taking bookings. Exclusive places are limited. Register and BOOK NOW for summer 2017.

11 July 2016 – Forest Life Retreat Now OPEN!! 

19 May 2016 –  Forest Life Retreat in France is gearing up for clients in July and August. Combine a week’s wild camping holiday (or longer) with a wonderful retreat with massage therapy form Hannah.